Unable to record result data, message error:500


New to this forum but I want to say thanks for the great work, I am using a wordpress LMS and trying to communicate with Learning Locker. It has worked on other versions but with the new wordpress install I get the error message Unable to record result data, message error:500 I am guessing it is something to do with the permissions on the server but I don´t know. Any ideas?

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Hi, welcome to the forums :)

Which plugin are you using to communicate with Learning Locker? Is it wp-h5p-xapi? If so it is probably better to make an issue in the support thread on WordPress.org as the H5P core team haven't been involved in that plugin.

thanks, I will

Does anyone know if the xAPI wordpress module is still maintained. I see no questions answered for a couple of months.. If there is an alternative that would be great.

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It isn't created nor maintained by the H5P core team, so I don't know the status there :/