File sizes, formatting limitations, linking objects, Moodle plugin

Hi there, 

Just some quick questions to help us plan for moving our learning over to H5P 

1. With regards to video are there any file size or video length limitations. Because this comes from vimeo pro / Youtube I'm guessing no, the file does not have to be limited. 

2. Do you forsee an option to adjust the fonts in the future?

3. Ideally we would like to embed some of the content types into the video screen, could we for example include hot-spots over the top of the video. Again I'm guessing this is a no, but wanted to check.  

4. Is there a way we can follow one video on from another directly (same video window updates to watch a second, seperate video), doing this would make managing the content much simpler. We are trying to avoid having too many objects down a page. 

4. When do you think we can plan to have the Moodle plugin available. I see it's been on the plan for some time.

Thanks in advance. 




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Thank you for reaching out. Answers to your questions:

  1. No limits on H5P's part as far as I know.
  2. In some content types and with css
  3. You would have to do some coding to achieve that. Might be possible in future versions.
  4. Would require some coding, and this is something I would love to add in a future version.
  5. Originally the plan was for others to create it. Now the H5P core team is doing the job, and all features are implemented. We're doing QA work now before it gets sent for review on Feel free to try it out and help on the QA :)


Hi Svein-Tore, 

Thanks for the answers here. I'm fairly non-techy, is there a way I can assist with the Moodle plugin?


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A version where most features have been implemented is available now. If you could test it and provide feedback on any bugs or missing features it would help a lot.