Grade reliability recorded in Moodle

Hi all,

I am new to H5P.

I am interested to know if the grades from H5P activities are reliably transfered and recorded into the Moodle Grade Book.

I ask this question as we are familiar with various software programs that create SCORM activities.
At best we have a 95% success rate at recording a user's activity into the Moodle Grade Book.

Could someone provide me an idea of what to expect when recording H5P activities into the Moodle Grade Book.

Thankyou in anticipation.


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The grades for all H5P activities (that are gradable) are automatically be inserted into the Moodle Grade Book as soon as the activity is completed.

Thank you for your comment. 

SCORM too is intended to add grades automatically but for a lot of reasons my users are needing to complete an activity multiple times to get a grade into the grade book. I do not wish to use another tool that may frustrate my users. 

I believe I read that H5P uses xapi ... if so is that better than SCORM ?

My comments/questions are are based on my ignorance of H5P and not intended to imply that H5P will not complete grading as intended.


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It's an evolution of SCROM that allows more expressive collection of data. 

Are you experiencing any problems right now with H5P?

Thanks Tim

I have built one quiz set and have received a grade during testing... a sample size =1 ... possibly a bit small when trying to assess reliability.

I believe I will need to put the quiz into production and see what happens.

I was hoping that some Moodle teachers that use H5P could confirm that they were not having any Grade Book issues.


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Sure, let me know how it goes. Gradebook is naturally a key part of the plugin so the Core Team usually deals with those problems ASAP. 

Which activities are considered gradable?  I'd love to be able to give students credit for working their way through a presentation. Is there a way to do that?

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Below is the list of content types that generates scores/data and their "triggers" on when they are going to send the grades.

  • Branching Scenario - Make sure that scoring is configured please check the built in walkthrough for details
  • Column - Triggers are met for all activities that are included
  • Course Presentation - A graded activity is included and the student needs to reach the summary slide for scores to be recorded
  • Dictation - Check button is clicked
  • Drag and Drop - Check button is clicked
  • Drag the Words - Check button is clicked
  • Essay - Check button is clicked
  • Fill in the Blanks - Check button is clicked
  • Flashcards - Check button is clicked
  • Image Sequencing - Check button is clicked
  • Interactive Book - Submit button in the “Submit & Summary” screen is clicked
  • Interactive Video - A graded activity is included and the student needs click submit in the submit screen
  • Mark the Words - Check button is clicked
  • Multiple Choice - Check button is clicked
  • Quiz (Question Set) - Check button is clicked for all questions and reaching the summary screen
  • Single Choice Set - Check button is clicked
  • Summary - All statements are answered correctly

I would also suggest that you check the documentations below:



I've bee using H5P in Moodle for 1.5 years now in an ESL support course we built for students at our college. The course has over 200 H5P activities. I'd say it's very rare grades are not reported in Moodle. The most problematic one is Interactive Video. Other thanthat we have a 99% success rate with grades recorded.