Captions in Interactive Video not visible: what am I doing wrong?

I've updated an earlier interactive video H5P project to include captions.  The source Youtube video has captions (which I know H5P can't show automatically) but I've managed to create a WebVTT caption file for it and loaded it into the project.  I filled out all the fields that I noticed, including the copyright/CCL stuff that seem related to the captioins track.  However, when I play the updated version with the captions file, they do not show up automatically nor is there a "CC" toggle button.  In short, the captions do not appear in the updated version of the project.

Is the captions functionality not working correctly, or (just as likely) have I failed to do something correctly in order to add the captions.  Tips most welcome.

Thanks in advance, everyone.

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Hi ormjr,

I have a few questions that comes to mind to try to isolate this:

1. Does this happen only with this video?

2. If you try to add another WebVTT (something short and simple) do you still get the same problem?

3. Where are you creating your content?

4. Is it ok to share the H5P with the WebVTT file in it here.


Hi BV52

Thanks for responding.  I'll elaborate my in the order of your questions...

  1. I've only tried this one video, which is for a course I'm developing.  My earlier trial of the interactive video app, when I was testing out H5P, used an older video that had its captions burned into it (from Youtube), so this is the first "real" test of the new captioning feature for us.
  2. Sort of the same answer above: I've only tried the new captioning feature on this particular video because it's part of a lesson.  I DID try using different WebVTT file formats (with and without numbering) and neither of them has worked.   The video itself is very short, <3 minutes.
  3. I originally created this project on the site (hosted here) and embedded it into my lesson via an iframe.  The captions do not show up on either the video hosted here or its embedded version.  We recently (very recently) adopted the LTI plugin for Moodle, so I suppose I could try going that route to see if there is a difference, but then I have to figure a way how to include the video within the SCORM package when its actually a standalone Moodle activity sitting hidden else where on the Moodle page. 
  4. I forgot to grab my link to it when I started typing this.  Will have to do it in a subsequent response.



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Hi ormjr, 

If you're using YouTube as a source, then you must add the WebVTT file to the video via
The text tracks added in H5P only works if you have a direct link to a .mp4 or .webm file as source.

That's very good to know to know, ICC.  IMHO, it's an important distinction that should probably be noted in the interactive video editor UI help text or description so that folk don't spin their wheels trying to make it work.

In any case, great info.  Thank you.

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This is noted ormjr.

I created an interactive video with a Vimeo video in my H5P hosted account. Closed captions have been uploaded directly to Vimeo and I confirmed that they display when viewing the video on Vimeo. H5P doesnt seem to pull in Vimeo CC so I uploaded the .vtt file to H5P. I am able to see the 'CC' button but the closed captions do not display.

I've provided my H5P file and my .vtt file (changed to a .txt for upload here). Any help would be much appreciated.

As above, closed captions have been uploaded directly to Vimeo. They display when viewing the video on Vimeo. Uploaded the .vtt file to H5P. and can see the 'CC' button but the closed captions not displaying.

Have replicated this across two different videos and using two different vtt files. 

As above, closed captions have been uploaded directly to Vimeo. They display when viewing the video on Vimeo. Uploaded the .vtt file to H5P. and can see the 'CC' button but the closed captions not displaying.

Have replicated this across two different videos and using two different vtt files. 

I am also having this same issue, captions aren't working in Interactive Videos. Any update or help please?


I have been working on a Question set in which I have added a video for each question. I would like to add captions to the videos, and it seem to be possible through the Accessibility option, but unfortunately the captions don't show on my videos. The CC button is there when viewing the video, I can activate and desactivate it, but the captions aren't.

I have tried with multiple .vtt files and multiples videos, and I even had a colleague check on my files. 

Does somebody know why?

I am having the same issue. Captions in interactive videos are not working for me either. Any update or help?

Hi there

I am having the same issue. VTT file created and uploaded. Followed all the steps. The cc button shows in the video but when selecting the track it does not show up. 

All assistance is welcomed. 


I am having the same issue. I have created and added the VTT file. The CC button shows. I can select the track I need. But when selected nothing displays on the screen. 

All assistance is welcomed. 

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Would you mind providing additional details like:

  1. Platform you are using
  2. Where are you hosting the video
  3. Sample VTT, since you cannot upload a VTT file here a link to the file uploaded somewhere should work.


Hi BV, 

thanks for coming back to me. Its an MP4 that's housed and uploaded directly into H5P. 

See below an example of the first few lines of the vtt file.





00:00:07,89 --> 00:00:12,559 align:middle:90%




00:00:10,320 --> 00:00:14,638 align:middle:90%

hello and welcome to population health



00:00:12,558 --> 00:00:16,239 align:middle:90%

data analytics my name is dr jeffrey



00:00:14,638 --> 00:00:17,599 align:middle:90%

trask adjunct professor of tulane


Hi Friends, I'm having the same issue.  Did a resolution ever surface for this?

I am working on an interactive video for a faculty member.  All of her videos are from YouTube and some show with captions and some do not.  I grabbed the transcript from this video, created a VTT file and uploaded it to the video and it does not work.  From what I am seeing under Text tracks, this is the message:  Text tracks (unsupported for YouTube videos).

This leads me to believe that we cannot even create VTT files for YouTube videos inside of H5P.  We have an ESL student who is specifically requesting accommodations for this and we must provide this to meet ADA/Section 508 guidelines for accessibility.  

What can be done?


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Hi Brian,

Actually your issue is different from what is discussed in this thread. VTT files uploaded into H5P will not work for YT videos. You can check this thread on how to resolve this issue.


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Hi Brian!

You are correct: You cannot add VTT files for YouTube (as already answered in this thread at

You'll have to provide the captions on the YouTube videos. Unfortunately, YouTube's API does not list the automatically generated captions for external players, so H5P cannot offer those. I assume this might be the problem here. You'd have to take the automatically generated captions and use them for the language they are in explicitly.



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I am also trying to upload vWebVTT captions to an mp4 video I have uploaded. As other people have stated, the captions option displays, but the uploaded captions don't. I am displaying the video in the H5P interactive book on Moodle. Here is an excerpt from the WebVTT file.


00:00:04,560 --> 00:00:08,580

Are you fascinated by history and the stories of past communities and places?



00:00:09,270 --> 00:00:14,250


Do you want to gain the deep understanding of the techniques and methods that shape historical research?


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I am not sure if this is the cause - it would be so much easier if one had access to the content, so if a link or file was provided - but I think WebVTT files no not expect commas inside the timecode, cmp.


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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for replyimg so promptly to my query, I appreciate it. I noticed the commas too and I changed them to fullstops, and I uploaded them to the video in the interactive book. Unfortunately, that also did not work, but I am adding a link to the file:

If it is any help, the file was autogenerated from Panopto. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks once again,








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Hi Simon!

The file does not follow the WEBVTT "specification" that I linked to before. The file needs to start with "WEBVTT" in the first line (plus potential additional information).

If the WebVTT file is not valid, it's not H5P that rejects it. H5P just passes a link pointing at that file to the HTML5 video player of the browser's render engine. The browser will reject the file. That's not only true for H5P, but for any pure HTML5 integration of videos into web page.

Can't say why this seems to be something that Panopto has been missing and never be informed about.