Improve consistency or performance of save content state



Our site on Wordpress with the official H5P plugin.

We're having an issue were a few users are losing their progress, we have a large site with hundreds of simulteanously active users. Currently our frequency is set to 5 seconds, and reducing this adds alot of pressure on our server.  

Wondering if anyone has ideas on way to improve this functionality? We're happy to custom dev something, but it'll take a while for us to review the h5p code and find a solution. 

To add, any ideas on good ways to debug and analyse this functionality? Couldnt find too much purely looking at event listeners on Dev Tools etc. 

Any help is much apperciated! 

Improve Save Content State
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There already is a pull request to improve the situation, but the H5P core team will need to take care of it:

If you need more information about how the resume feature works, you can have a look at



Wow thank you, they're both awesome resources, especially, its a gold mine! Appreciate it :) 

Sad that your pull request is 1.5 years old with no movement from core team (that i could see). 

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They are catching up :-)