.Net implementation integrated into an LMS



I work for Rediteq (http://rediteq.fi/en/) and we are hoping to integrate H5P into our LMS because it sounds like a perfect fit for our customers. The technology stack we are using is C#.Net (MVC) with SQL Server on the backend. I have been going through the available documentation and implementations for other technologies, but it has been fairly hard going to discern what is relevant or where to start. Our intention is to release our H5P implementation to the public, once we get it working, although it won't be as complete a "plugin model" as for example the Wordpress plugin. Probably better consider it as a starting point from which other .Net developers could begin their own implementations.

So, to begin with I would have a few questions:

Among the documentation are comments like "We will make available documentation and tutorials for creating platform integrations in the future." Is there an estimate or roadmap of when this kind of documentation would be produced?

If I've understood correctly, I can take the static resources (.js, .css, images, etc.) from https://github.com/h5p/h5p-php-library ? Can the .js and .css be packaged together and served to pages as two files?

From the above mentioned repo, I would then need to replace the php files with new .Net implementations. The trouble I am having is identifying what are the public ajax end points that need to be implemented (Controller methods for the .Net MVC term)

And lastly, for this round of questions, is the H5P content adding functionality (https://h5p.org/documentation/setup/wordpress under Install content types) something that is a part of Wordpress, implemented in the php or the javascript? If its either of the last two, are there examples of how this is included on a page?


Thank you in advance for any help.

- Miika

Hi everyone,

Miika if you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you to do the .NET MVC integration? I've been tasked with converting the editor into .NET core 2. 

Also if anyone is also currently working on a .NET core implementation I would be happy to collaborate!



    // Load addons for wysiwyg editors
    if (in_array($machineName, self::$hasWYSIWYGEditor)) {
      $addons = $this->h5p->h5pF->loadAddons();
      foreach ($addons as $addon) {
        $key = 'editor-' . $addon['machineName'];
        $dependencies[$key]['weight'] = sizeof($dependencies)+1;
        $dependencies[$key]['type'] = 'editor';
        $dependencies[$key]['library'] = $addon;

Any tips on what these WYSIWYG addon files are? Is there a list?

I'm in the process of rebuilding the loadLibraryData endpoint, and I think I can get every other part to work except the loadAddons function.

From the code above is it correct that the addons are added to the end of the ordered dependencies? And if I have an interactive editor .h5p file the folders it has without semantics.json files are the addon folders? 


Cheers, Kim

Hi all,

Just wondering how things are going on this project.  If things are fairly close on this we may be able to assist in getting it over the line?



I am ready to contribute to the project, can we start H2P.NET project on the github.com for .NET port

Hi nAtegz,

I connected with you on your mail. Let's help each other to implement .net with h5p




Interesting development and timeline you guys have had over the years in this project idea. How is it going - mid covid with plenty of time to spend at home, i'm wondering if this has been released or we have a github repo somewhere to investigate / ccontriubute and use the .net port?


Thank you.

We want to get coordinates from where the option is dragged into the image.


Hi everyone,


Miika, I was wondering if you are finished with your port, and if so, i was wondering if you are planing to release it and make it open source?