Check-Button is gone

All the "Check your solutions" buttons for H5P-tools like Drag n Drop appear to be missing (After the tool itself finishes, its just white like in the following picture).

H5p end without check-button

The div in which the "check-button" would be is just a white spot on my website, and the button itself is greyed out if viewed under mozilla firefox website inspector: 

H5p end without check-button

H5p Problem html view

This is shown to be the case on Wordpress 6.1.1; Firefox and Chrome. H5P Version is 1.15.6. The content was created in an earlier version of Drag and Drop (1.13.15), but has been updated to 1.14.9. There are no obvious errors and no changes recently that I can remember. I fear that showing this type of button is disabled somewhere, but I cannot find the option to enable or disable it anywhere. Help is much appreciated. <3

Content types: 

struggling with the insertion of pictures for this post: For myself they do not appear: Neither if I place them in the text directly with copy and past, nor when I use the "insert image" function given by this text editor. Sorry for the inconvinience.

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Hi flussspur,

At the bottom of the page there is a way to attach the images. Also it's a lot easier to troubleshoot the issue if you provide the URL of the content.


I hope this works to see the aforementioned pictures. I sadly cannot spread the URL for now.