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When I click on the "Submit" button in the "Documentation tool", neither the attempt tracking nor the created file is displayed in the attempts area. However, the setting for this is set (Enable attempt tracking: yes - Grading: Points).

In the attempt tracking, only this message is displayed if the option " goals" is included: "This interaction (fill-in) does not provide tracking information or the tracking provided is not compatible with the current activity version".

We have installed version 1.8.12.

How can the students' created files be saved in the attempt area of the documetation tool?

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Stefanie Berger

attempts without files
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I am not sure if it is the same issue, but I cannot get the document to export to a .docx file. The export button does nothing. 

Hello everybody,

I like the documentation tool very much but I also have an issue with the submit button. I can see the button and click it buck nothing happends. I get other messages via e-mail but not from H5P. I wonder what this button is actually doing?

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When using the Documentation Tool on a mobile, the export button downloads a .zip, rather than a .docx. there also does not seem to be a word document within the folder structure. There is  '_rels' folder, 'docProps' forlder, 'word' folder and '[Content_Types].xml' file. None of these folders contain  .docx file that can be used.  This is using through an LTI integration in a VLE. 


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Hi Angela,

I guess I already answered this through the support channel.


Can you share what was a possible solution? I am having the same problem but do not have access to our host. Thanks!

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Hi Media-Ed-Online,

I apologize I should have posted my answer here as well.

"The file that is downloaded is a .docx file but it looks like Android is not recognizing it as such so it changes the file extension from .docx to .zip. You cannot extract this file since it is not really a .zip, what you need to do is to rename the file and remove the .zip at the end. This should now be readable by the Office app."


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I can't find a support channel on either.

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Hi sberger,

You can send an email to  [email protected] for assistance with