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When you add a description to the audio recorder to explain what to record, the text comes up when you save and display. However, if you try and then embed the H5P anywhere, it removes the description.


Audio Recorder bug
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Hi DigiTeacher23,

When I tested this it seems to work fine. This is the link to the content and when it is embeded. If you could provide the information requested in this forum, it may help the community isolate the problem and hopefully provide a resolution.



Thank you for your response. This glitch is happening when creating the H5P in Moodle and then using the embed code to place in the page. My browser is Microsoft Edge on a desktop. I can't answer any of the other questions from the link provided, as I don't know the answers.

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Hi DigiTeacher23,

I tried doing this in Moodle and works as expected. Did you use the H5P plugin (black H5P icon) or the Moodle core integration (blue H5P icon), when you created your content?