Problem Dutch translation H5P Sort The Paragraphs

Problem Dutch translation H5P Sort The Paragraphs - Behavioural settings - Scoring mode


The text in English is
Decide whether to give points for each correctly placed paragraph or for each paragraph that is placed after the paragraph it is supposed to be placed after ("correct sequence")
Option 1 - Correctly placed paragraph
Option 2 - Correct sequence

 In the Dutch translation they switched the order of the 2 options.
Option 1 should be - Juist geplaatste paragraaf
Option 2 should be - Juiste volgorde

Now the options work just the opposite because they are switched. How can this be fixed?
Thank you!


Options switched in Dutch translation
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Oliver the owner of the content type just needs to accept the PR then the core team can release the update. I believe you are using the Moodle core integration so that is another layer which I am not sure how often they update the content types.


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Hi all!

I merged in the changes, but may I suggest to use It should be the default when working with H5P translations.



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Thanks Oliver! I'll do that for future changes.

Thank you for the change and thank you for the information in case something similar happens in the future.