Essay within Question Set / Quiz : "show the solution" button showing even when disabled

Hello !

I have noticed that there is no option in the standalone version of Essay to enable / disable the "Show the solution" button.
I was wondering if it was by design or if it was a feature yet to come :

Anyway, it is not too difficult to hide the button with a bit of CSS (display : none;).

But when it comes to including Essay in Question Set, the settings get quite confusing.

First, I have unchecked the "display solution button" at the end of Question Set :

At the very end of Question Set (in the "Check, retry and show the solution" settings), I have disabled the "show the solution" button for all questions :


But still the button "Show the solution" is showing up for each Essay question in my quiz :

Here is a content-type I have created and used for test purposes :

I don't know if this a bug really, as we don't have control over the "Show the solution" button in the standalone version of Essay, but I find it quite confusing in Question Set because then we select overrides but they don't apply.



Content types: 
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Hi Isabelle,

This actually works if you uncheck the option "Show "Check" buttons".


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Hi all!

Sure, there's a workaround, but it was a bug that I fixed. As always, the H5P core team will need to update their version of Essay however.


I should have checked Github first, sorry and thanks for this fix ; we just have to wait till the team update Essay.



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No, no. I fixed that bug right after you had reported it, so thanks for that!

The release issue is a topic of its own, however. In this particular case, I could even release an update of Essay somewhere outside of the H5P Hub and this would fix things, but that would get confusing. At some point external contributors are supposed to be able to update their own content types on the H5P Hub, but there's no date set for when that will eventually be possible. Sadly.

In other cases, even though I fix things or add features in my content types, others who use them as dependencies will need to update their content types, too. For instance, that's the case with Agamotto which has received features and bug fixes throughout the previous two years that do not reflect in Column/Interactive Book because the H5P core team has not updated the dependencies in a while. Nothing that I can do in that case.



Thanks for the tip, BV ; I didn't think of that setting. Nice workaround :)