Anchor in Interactive Book (Column Content)

People, please, I've been browsing the forum and found similar questions but no answers. Is it possible to add "create anchor" option to the column content editor? I need to link internally to sections within the book. Can you help me with a solution? Thank you Hana

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Hi Hana,

Not manually but Interactive Book's URL changes for every component within it so this should work similarly to anchors. E.g. in the sample content, if you want to go directly to the Drag the Words activity in Chapter 3 you can use this URL:


Hi BV,

how do you get this kind of URL/path?

- Thomas

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Hi Thomas,

Each chapter in Interactive Book is assigned it's own unique URL, i.e. if you go to and clicked "Raspberries" the URL will change to


Thank you, BV.

Unfortunately, this is not a real solution as I cannot link to relative anchors. As soon as the base URL changes, all anchors are useless. 

It would be much easier if the H5P editor allowed for HTML editing. That way, we could include our own anchor IDs and reference them elsewhere. 

As soon as people use H5P not only for individual activities but larger lessons or whole courses, easy direct linking to other parts of the unit is an absolute necessity.