Parsing H5P on 3d Models



We are building a 3d web environments platform and we want to parse the h5p content on 3d canvas/texture as an organic content creation module. I will have some questions but we start from the begining:
Is there a php-based (or js) implementation for the content editor (attached image) so we don't reinvent the wheel? If not, any recomendations and tips if we want to create one?

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What you're pointing to in the image is the H5P Hub (client). The code is openly available at


I will have a look at it.

BTW, from your experience, would you recomment adding it as a module in the core of our platform or as a plugin like you have for wordpress (especially that our plugin structure is almost identical to wp)?
Here is the plugin if you have time to check:

This is our platform, keeping in mind it is still a construction area not a product. Main upgrade end of month for graphics and fixing the mobile experience (among other stuff):

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Please don't mistake me for a member of the H5P core team. I am not, just a visitor like yourself.


Thanks for the feedback. Through your profile it is obvious you are more experienced in this than us, so I was just asking for your educated opinion :)

Have a great weekend and thanks for the valued feedback.