Accessibility and H5P


I'm looking to see which of the H5P features have been updated to be accessibile. Is there a list somewhere?

I saw on one blog post that Multiple Choice, Question Set and Fill in the Blanks was going to be worked on. I saw on another post that Multiple Choice and Accordian had already been updated.

I was wondering if there was a plan or schedule that outlined the order and possibly even goal dates for the other modules to be upgraded for accessibility? Is anyone working on these?

The instructors and learning designers here are hoping to have Interactive Video, Drag and Drop, and Find the Hotspot updated or at least a general idea on when that might be happening, or if we need to either find an alternate solution or look at programming resources.



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You are right, multiple choice and accordion have been updated. Question set and fill in the blanks is in the next release which should be right around the corner. Arithmetic quiz at least will be in the release after that, and we don't have the order sorted out after arithmetic quiz because often organizations add pull requests or funding for new features in specific content types, and we do the accessibility upgrades on the same content types simultaneously to save time on regression testing among other things.

If you want to participate in upgrading the content types you mentioned there are many ways you may do that. If you want to contribute financially feel free to contact the core team directly, if you want to do the coding yourself we may coordinate on gitter.