Load on Moodle Server caused by H5P Interactive Videos

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Dear All

I have created an H5P Interactive Video where the video is hosted on Youtube.  What is the load on the Moodle Server when students access the content, view the video and answer the quesions?  As I understand it the content will stream the video from YouTube, add the interactive layer and present it to the student without the video stream having anything to do with the Moodle server - am I correct?

Having the video somewhere else must make a HUGE difference in the load on the Moodle server?

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You are correct. Moodle is not involved in streaming videos from YouTube. If you host the videos yourself, your server will transfer the complete files to the client once (no streaming is involved) and the client's HTML5 video rendering capabilities are used to display the video.


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Thank you Oliver.  I am not familiar with net protocols etc. so could you please answer the follow up.  If the video is on YouTube then is this what happens?  The student's device receives the video from YouTube and the H5P instructions from our Moodle server separately - these are combined on the student's device (HTML5) and the student's responses come back to the Moodle server to be recorded?

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