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Would it be possible to include tables and table formatting  in the Accordion editor (not sure if it's available elsewhere in h5p or not)?

It may help break up long sections of text a bit better

Add tables to accordion editor
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Seems like a good feature request :)  Hopefully a developer from the community will pick it up.

It looks like the Accordion Content Type uses "H5P.AdvancedText" for the text area. I created a pull request to be able to use tables.

Let me know what you think.

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Super work Nate! Just a quick question before I get this into the review pipeline: have you looked at how this behaves in mobile? Tables are notoriously unresponsive. 

For the table's CSS, I used the Course Presentation's CSS (cp.css). Consistent syling is always good and hopefully mobile has been accounted for too.

I've attached 2 screenshots showing how it looks using Google Chrome Developer Tools. 2 columns and 4 columns work, but much more content and a bad time will be had.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


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Great stuff. We are going to review it after this release and hopefully we can get it merged in then. 

Hi there, I am trying to find the HTML editor whilst making an Accordian, so that I can remove the underlines of a link.

Could you please tell me where to find this HTML editor.



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Hi Hannyterm!

H5P doesn't support the HTML mode of the CKEditor, but you can use your own CSS. Please have a look at the customization examples at



Hi -- was this ever added?  Can we build tables in Accordion now?



Was this feature ever added?  Can we build tables in Accordion now?

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Hi Caitlyn,

Unfortunately this has not been added yet.