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I read on the falcon's blog (https://h5p.org/moodle-plugin-vs-moodle-core-vs-h5p-com - 2020) that the OEM Hub will NOT be implemented in the core version, and the two versions will be kept as-is. Falcon even warns that the core version will not be compatible anymore...

Is there any evolution in this position ? Why keeping a plugin apart when Moodle HQ took the trouble of integrating it to its core ?

The only result I see is a lot of confusion in the minds of the users: do we have to keep the two versions? How can we convert from the "black" to the "blue" H5P? Are they compatible? Etc. And confusion is never a good think: users tend to leave the technology...

Anyone knowing more?

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If you look at the repositories on github, you are going to notice that quite some work has been done on the "Hub client" at the end of 2022. That's the piece of software that connects to the H5P (OER) Hub and is not used by moodle's custom integration. I don't know when the  breaking changes that Svein-Tore mentioned will be worked on, but yes, there's development taking place.

My best guess is that the plugin is kept alive, because there will be changes that future versions of H5P content types (e. g. the ones that Svein-Tore mentioned) require, and because moodle HQ seems to have stated clearly that working on H5P in moodle core definitely has no high priority (support for H5P's resume feature would really be good to have) - so users of moodle's custom integration would be stuck in a dead end or someone would need to create means to migrate back to the plugin.

"The only result I see is a lot of confusion in the minds of the users." I agree. But why did moodle HQ create that confusing situation in the first place if they now say that H5P is not high on their agenda?



Thank you Oliver! I will have a look at the side of Moodle HQ...

To be honest - I believe with seeing what is being fixed and added in the past few Moodle version the statement 'clearly stated that working on H5P is no priority"  could be seen as 'outdated'. 

As for the resume functionality this is been added to Moodle 4.2 release of last Monday. 

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The crucial part for the future is integration of the H5P (OER) Hub that this post was originally about. Nevertheless, good to see that the resume feature eventually found its way into moodle's custom H5P integration.