How to insert likert scale activity

Hello all,

I want to insert a Likert scale activity in course presentation. Don't know how to add?
Anyone knows how to add Likert scale activity in H5P course presentation in Moodle?




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Hi Akash,

Having a Likert scale activity is not possible with any content that is available. Eventhough Single Choice set looks similar it will not provide the results that a usual Likert scale. I have moved your post to the Feature Request forum.


Is likert anywhere near an inclusion as a feature?

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Hi joacimsvensson,

I'm afraid no one in the community has picked up this project.


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Hi joacimsvensson!

I got a request to create something similar to next year - I don't know if that will actually become a project, but who knows ... I guess there's room for co-funding.



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Please someone make a likert scale or provide training in how to create h5p elements for ourselves and I'll make one. This is such an important feature for education and training - far more important than crossword puzzles - which seems to be updated regularly at the H5P hub!

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If you are using Moodle, then the Questionnaire (add-on plugin) features a Likert scale option. See the documentation at

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Unfortunaely I'm using H5P with Wordpress and Learndash but good to know that Moodle has this.