Can't edit H5P Presentation - error 502


I have been using the presentation with an embedded video, and in the last three weeks one of the modules will not go to edit settings and throws a 502 error, then a error session lock. I don't think the session lock error is part of the issue but mentioning it in case someone has come across it.

The strange thing is the module had been completed previously by students, and it is also breaking in other versions of the course - with different course containers (ids) on two different sites. The video is only 746mb and other modules have embedded video of 1.2gb.

Any help would be fantastic as this is a live course for bushfire mitigation and its bushfire season in the North of WA which is holding us back.

If there isn't a solution, is there any way to open the editing to remove the video and then link it from another source?

Thanks, Leticia


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Hi Leticia,

An Error 502, indicates some sort of a server issue. Whilst it may only be affecting H5P it may be a symptom of a more serious issue. Maybe these posts may help: