Testers needed for new experimental features in Drag & Drop

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To anyone interested in the H5P Drag & Drop content (not just developers!) I am pleased to announce that I have developed a number of new features for that content. In total there about a dozen new features, including one which has been asked a number of times in the Features Request forum, namely "Show solutions".

Before those new features (hopefully) make their way to the official H5P distribution I have uploaded them as a Proof of Concept to my Drupal test site and am looking for testers. On that test site you will find detailed explanations about the new features and a number of sample Drag & Drop contents acutally using those features. You can request a "teacher/content creator" account if you want to experiment creating your own content using the new features.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Questions, bug reports, etc. welcome in this discussion thread or by e-mail (my e-mail address is on my test site).



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I was interested in the show solution button for Drag and Drop as its currently not a feature that is included, and so I have just disabled this feature. The 'Show Solution" button on the D&D games on your Drupal site, are really fantastic - you've don't a great job and they work really well. I would like to implement this feature into my D&D games but I dont know how I go about doing this and canno't see anything on your Drupal site. How can I implement this please?
I am also happy to do some testing for you if still need be.




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Please contact me directly at the email address provided on the Welcome page of my drupal site.

I am interested in testing if you still need testers.

This is the feature I would like to see.  After users check their options, the retry button eliminates all of the choices and the user is forced to start over.  If the user gets 6 out of 7 correct, he has to retry until he get's all 7 correct.  Would like to have a setting that allows for the correct choices to stay in the drop zones and the incorrect choices to be removed from the drop zones.

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Please contact me directly at the email address provided on the Welcome page of my drupal site.

Hello,  Thank you for your work, this is perfect! If needed I can help you test (on Wordpress). I wish there was a way to add multiple questions as in the standard "Question set" H5P activity. Do you think it is possible to do it on your end or theirs? 

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Hello Neo College

Please contact me directly at the email address on the home page of my Drupal test site.

Hi papi Jo ! I I tried all your activities in drupal website, Can I implement this 'Show Solution' button on my website I m already using H5p Drag and drop under Question set. I followed the instruction mentioned in installation steps but no success.


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Hi pragya

Unfortunately you cannot use my Drag & Drop 'papi Jo' content inside an H5P Question set activity, you can only use it on its own.