Issue with H5P Multichoice Question Set - Incorrect Display of Options

Dear H5P Support Team,

I am writing to report an issue I am experiencing with the H5P multichoice question set in Moodle. When I create a multichoice question and enter four options for the question, the options are not displayed correctly on the frontend. Instead, it shows "Answer 1" as the option for each question.

I have performed the following troubleshooting steps without success:

Double-checked the configuration settings and verified that the options and correct answers are entered correctly.

Ensured that I am using the latest version of the H5P plugin and that it is compatible with my Moodle version.

Tried switching to a different theme to rule out any theme conflicts.

Cleared the cache in Moodle and my browser to ensure I am loading the latest version of the H5P content.

Despite these efforts, the issue persists. I have attached a screenshot of the problem for your reference.


Could you please investigate this issue and provide guidance on how to resolve it? I rely on the H5P multichoice question set for interactive quizzes, and this issue is affecting the usability and functionality of my course.


Here are some details about my setup:


Moodle version: 3.10

H5P plugin version: 1.23.0

Theme being used: Edwiser RemUI

I would appreciate any assistance or insights you can provide to help me resolve this issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Best regards,

Vishal Varshney
my email: [email protected]

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Is no one able to help me or have I posted in the wrong place.
plz suggest me what should I do.did I ask something wrong?

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Hi Vishal,

Your content looks normal when uploaded in I've also tested this in our Moodle test site and it works as expected. Having said this have you tried disabling other plugins in Moodle or using a different browser? One other thing, does this happen to all Question Sets that has MCQs?


Hello, i am having the same problem with question set.

Were you able to solve such problem ?