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We have created an interactive video with some Free text boxes and quizzes (no score).
We want the learner to be able to interact with it as often as they wish, however, once a learner interacts with the activity for the first time, all their answers inside the free text boxes and quizzes remain.

Can we make this work so the whole activity resets everytime the learner starts from the beginning?


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If you are using the H5P plugin disabling the "save content state" in the H5P settings will remove all answers if they refresh the browser. On the other hand if you are creating the contents in you can edit the content and uncheck "Allow logged-in users to resume content" undert LTI settings.


Thanks for your help BV.
Unfortunatley, after searching and researching I can't find this setting in the H5P settings, and I'm not sure if I'm looking in the correct place.
Is there a step by step on how to get there and where to find it? 
FYI, we are using Moodle version 3.9. Thanks.

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Hi ange_h5p,

You can find the setting in Site Administration -> Plugins -> H5P -> H5P settings. 



Thanks for your help, much appreciated.