help please


I am trying to learn how to use H5P to create content for my teaching in the NHS but I am not familiar with coding etc. I have tried adding a text track to my interactive video so that hearing impaired students can follow along but it doesn't show up on screen. If someone can see where I am going wrong I would be most grateful!

I created a WVTT file on notepad saved it with .vtt in the file name and saved as "all files"

I then uploaded it in the text track section under captions but no luck...

I have attac hed a screen grab if this helps

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Charlotte,

It would help if you can provide a sample content.


I think I have attached it right

Hi, I think I have attached it to the original post now?


thank you

Hi, I think I have saved it right, the attempt at CC is on slide 3 of the course presentation

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Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for the file. It looks like CC is not wrking for videos but it works with Interactive Video. So I suggest that you use Interactive Video instead of Video even if you are not placing any interactions in the content.

You can download the fixed content here: