Can't add new content in Interactive Book

When I go to create a new interactive book, it won't give me the option to add new content. Also, I've noticed that content I've used before in the interactive book (essay tool for example) is no longer available to add into existing books I've created.

Content types: 
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Hi smcook0720,

If you are the administrator of the account you need to enable Column as it is the backbone of Interactive Book. To do this go to Manage Organization -> Settings -> Content Type Settings and place a check "Allow" for Column. If you are not the administrator of the account please reach out to your administrator for assistance.


I followed the instructions on how to enable Column. But still, I can't insert Find the Words content inside the Interactive Book.

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Find the Words has never been included in Column (and I doubt it will be) and thus is not available in Interactive Book.



I have the same problem where I can't any longer insert presentations into an interactive book. It seem the newer version of the book has less features than before. 

I am trying to find Organization -> Settings -> Content Type Settings and place a check "Allow" for Column.
I don't have this option anywhere. I am using WP, so I look under the WP H5P setting, and also H5P plugins, But I don't see them anywhere. 

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Hi Felix,

The steps provided in my previous comment is for The settings are in H5P libraries and make sure that the other content types are not disabled. I apologize I do not have a screenshot as I am in the process of transitioning from an older computer to a new one and I have not setup everything yet.


We have same problem with H5P which is a part of Moodle (version 4.1., H5P framework handler v1.24 (h5plib_v124)). As Moodle administrator I dont see on the page "Manage H5P content types" any option to check "Allow" for Column. There is just list of installed H5P content types.

Regards, Metka

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Hi Metka,

I'm pretty sure that the screenshots are for the Moodle core integration of H5P. I't suggest that you post a similar question in the Moodle forums