Is threre a way that my visitors can print (as pdf) their results, e.g. from their "essay" or also pictures als result from drag and drop? This is a highly needed feature for using H5P in school.

Great work, go on and thanks!


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Hi G-71,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! With the H5P supporter program the H5P community can now vote for and fund the top voted H5P features.. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.

Currently the only content type that has a print function is the COurse Presentation.


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Hi G_71!

What's wrong with a browser's print function or screenshot function (if you don't run your own system that you could grab the results from yourself)?



Hi Oliver,

thanks for your idea. Well: I want do use different h5p-modules for teaching in school, and most time the pupils have to work on with the product created with h5p. For example, they highlighted a text: Than it would be good if they would store it in their own documents. Or they did a summery (a great module!): Than it is neccessary to store it for later.

A screeshot is an idea, but so you can't work with the text lateron.

The systemprint is possible, but than there are a lot of unimportend infos (links etc.) and the result hasn't a reading-friendly design.

If I use H5P as part of my lessons, the pupils need the results (e.g. for tests). PDF seems me the best idea.

Hope someone will create a solution.

Greetings from Germany and thanks,


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Hi G_71!

I see. Do you know that a task's state can be preserved for many content types, so students can leave and pick up where they left later on? It only requires to activate that option in the H5P plugin settings.


Oliver (from Hamburg :-))

Oh, a german ;-)

I didnˋt know that, and it seems to be a good idea.  Thanks! I hoped to find a way for anonymous users. Just because of our DSGVo... and similar things. But, well - so my students have to use pseudonyms. Will work. Thanks again! 
G_71 (Niedersachsen)


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Hi G_71!

What system do you use? I know plenty of teachers who don't use pseudonyms on their school servers, so I don't think it's a legal obligation.



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I think it does not make sense to use pseudonyms on a school system... unless you insist that your students attend classes wearing a balaclava in order to preserve their anonymity.

WE have online lessons to learn learners read. We have activities they should complete.  to print a PDF document with letters and colouring pictures would be great. 

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The "Enable Print Function" in course presentations has been an excellent feature for projects using that content type. I really like how many things including the slides, questions, exportable text, etc. are included in the PDF print out from the course presentation.

One additional suggestion I would like to make is that "comments" are also included in the export. Here is the use case I've run into. In the course presentation, we are including audio clips to for slide narration. I am testing out a few different ways that I could include transcripts of those audio clips for users that would need to be able to read the transcript. For one of my samples, I have included the transcript as a comment on the audio clip and checked "Always display comments". So now a user can click the little question mark icon to read the transcript. I have included a link to an external document with the text "the entire transcript for audio in the presentation is available for download". However, it would be a great feature to have something like if print is enabled and if always display comments is checked, then include comment text in PDF slide printout.

I'm not sure if others have run into this or not, or might think it is useful. Thoughts?

I have an issue with the print function in Course Presentations not printing/pdfing ALL the slides (only a subset of any presentation seems to be showing up for me)? e.g. I has a CP with 7 slides and it only shows 3 when I click on print. I tried changing it to 6 slides per page etc - still only 3 show up. I tried with several course presentations and asked a colleague to also try with one of theirs but we have the same issue. 

I´m experiencing the same trouble, If I try to print a course presentation with 15 slides, it only shows 5 (and non-sequential) slides. I´ve tried with different browsers and all of them pick the same 5 non-sequential slides.

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The H5P core seemingly has already created a fix, but they still need to release it.


Do you Know what is the actual Fix?

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You can read that in the ticket and find the respective code via the ticket that I shared, and all the changes happen in the Course Presentation repository on github.