Image Sequencing

When using Image Sequencing in an iframe, your browser window jumps to the iframe when loading the page where it has been placed. This is problematic on pages where this iframe is not on top or meant to be accessed first.



2. Copy iframe

3. Paste iframe on any page somewhere below where scrolling is necessary initially

4. Refresh page

5. Observe being transported to the location of the iframe, skipping other content

Content types: 
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Hi Sami,

Thank you for reporting this. The Image Sequencing content type is not developed by the core, I suggest that you contact the developer through his Git Repository.


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Hi all!

I tried to contact Jithin recently, because I improved one of his content types and wondered whether he'd include the changes in his code - never got a reply. I am not sure if he's still developing for H5P.



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Came across this problem myself when using the image sequencing tool today. Is there any way we can get control over the image sequencing tool in H5P then, as it's actively no longer being developed and people above like Otacke have improvements to add?

@BV52 I would love some feedback on this process please. 

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Hi Yorba,

The H5P core team has considered taking over contributed content types that are not actively being developed by the original developer but this may take some time.


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Hi. I also contributed to this library and that fixes this issue. The author has approved a pull request on github, but the library is still not updated on H5P Hub. I asked him to update the lib, but no answer yet. Can this be handled by H5P Core team somehow?

Here is a lint to pull request

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Hi ilukanets,

Thank you for the fix. I updated the bug report: