Image Sequencing

Results/progress not saved for logged-in user on Image Sequencing

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen): Logged-in user completes the Image Sequencing activity and sees a time/score. Logs out. On logging in again, the activity has reset to its original state. In settings, the boxes to log user results and save content state are checked, which works for all other content types as far as I can see.

H5P Image Sequencing issues in Moodle 3.5

We have been experiecing issues with the Image sequencing feature.

Detailed steps to replicate the issue:

1. Add the H5P activity to the  Moodle unit using the Add Activity/Resource
2. Select the H5P content feature
3. Under H5P, select the Image sequencing option
4. Add some contents such as the images and other mandatory fields.
5. Save and display the changes
6. The contents are not displayed in the Moodle page, although when checking the settings the images are displayed.

I have attached the screen shot for your reference.