Image Sequencing

Image Sequencing how to "grade" the right sequence?



I used Image sequencing in Moodle 3.5.3.

In In Activity completion configuration it’s only possible to select that "Student must receive a grade to complete  activity". So if a student does not complete the right sequence he however get a grade.

Now students that does not complete the right sequence are able to acces to next activity but I want they can do only if after a right sequence.

Image Sequencing - unexpected page/focus jumping

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I'm experiencing an issue with the 'Image Sequencing' content type where a webpage containing this H5P object unexpectedly jumps down the page to focus on the iFrame.

It only seems to happen on desktops, with all three of my browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

And it also only seems to happen the first time a page loads. If you scroll back up and refresh, it no longer jumps.

I've tested it with several different Image Sequencing objects, my own and others (inc. H5P).

Our current library version is (1.1.0).

Sample URLs

Results/progress not saved for logged-in user on Image Sequencing

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen): Logged-in user completes the Image Sequencing activity and sees a time/score. Logs out. On logging in again, the activity has reset to its original state. In settings, the boxes to log user results and save content state are checked, which works for all other content types as far as I can see.