Add Fair Use as a license type for usage rights information

When adding metadata and choosing a license option, I would love for there to be the option to select "fair use" as one of the choices. It is the best descriptor for many of the things that we create and would benefit our creation of open educational materials greatly. 

Add fair use to license options
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Isn't "fair use" a legal custom that can be applied regardless of the content license in some countries, but not a license type? 

Yes, it's not a license requirement and is specific to the US. I guess I would amend my previous suggestion to adding a way to at least note if the content falls under fair use somewhere in the attribution. This would be helpful for me and my colleagues who work in educational environments in the US where many of the things we create fall into this exception. 

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I don't think mixing licenses and practices is a good idea. The license metadata are intended to note the license that some content is licensed under. Well, that's obvious. Duh, sorry :-) That's what people who want to reuse the content need to know - not the circumstances under which you use it yourself.

BUT: The metadata form has a field just for all the extra bits and pieces that may not be covered: the license extras field. If you want to leave a note, that's the place.

Caveat: The internal media widgets of H5P core still use an old version of the metadata form and don't come with the license extras field, so you couldn't add that info to these - but could fall back to the main contents metadata in that case. Harmonizing the metadata forms is something that the H5P core team should work on for other reasons, too.