Dialog cards - option to use image/sound only on second side

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is there any option that in Dialog cards the image would be just a part of the second side - if I choose the image now, it is seen on both sides :(. But in my case, the image would be a part of the answer, so it should be seen only on second page. Also, is there any option that I could use link (html) in text on both sides.

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Hi Peter!

There's a pretty popular pull-request to allow setting up both sides of the cards completely separately and it has been used in a private fork for close to a year now without issues, but so far it doesn't seem to have caught the eye of the H5P core team or they are simply too busy with other things to take a look.


Well, I'm interested in this feature :) I want one side to be text and the answer is an image. 

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Hope the H5P core team will be able to follow up all the pull requests that are still pending.

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I supose Oliver is alluding to my 'private fork' version of Dialog Cards which you will find on my Drupal/H5P test site.

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No, I did not.

I referenced the pull request to the original code base that was included in a private companies fork that was not made available for download but used internally - and that has been used without any problems.

I don't believe tiny public forks that only marginally change the feature set. Yes, it's a way out of the H5P core team not being too responsive with requests, but if more and more people create more and more tiny forks, ultimately the user will have multiple versions of essentially the same content type to choose from. That makes it confusing, platforms get cluttered, etc.