Exporting to SCORM

Hi all, 

I'm new to H5P. I was able to create some content, so that all looks good. But, I'm only seeing embed code or a link as ways of exporting.

Is it possible to export to a SCORM package?

If so, can anyone help me with either documenation or steps on exporting to SCORM. 

Thanks very much!




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Check out the tool at https://translate-h5p.tk/scorm-h5p

It's unofficial but does the job.


Thank you!

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for creating this awesome tool. I was wondering if you have plans on updating it to convert Interactive Books into scorm?



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While it still works, the development of the converter website has been discontinuoued. Instead, I'm working on Lumi (https://lumi.education/), which also offers SCORM export functionality and is more advanced. (It also works with the interactive book).


Hi Sebastian. I have been using Lumi to create H5p Interactive Videos and export as SCORM. Lumi is really great and solves a problem I was having with deploying H5P. 

I'm now looking at using the option of adding a CSS file (also in the export options) to control the styling of the questions within the Interactive Video. I've worked out 95% of the CSS code by inspecting the output however I'm stuck on changing the colour of the radio buttons, check boxes, ticks and crosses within the answer choices. They are not exposing themselves in the code inspector.

Is it possible to hire you to add the missing CSS lines of code to my CSS file?


Trevor White-Miller

The Learning & Graphics Factory

How to export to Scorm?

Could you please guide me

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Hi jasimp,

Please check my answer: https://h5p.org/comment/48342#comment-48342


On Lumi, how do you 'export' the SCORM version? I am expecting a SCORM zip file but all I am able to get is the h5p file which I can get on H5P.com too. I  guess I am missing something here if Lumi does indeed allow exporting SOCRM files.

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Hi tsamacc,

Have tried going to File -> export -> SCORM package?



Thank you, BV52 for your prompt help. I was on Lumi Cloud and realized now that I need to be on Lumi Desktop!

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Can I take advantage of this thread to ask a question about it?

I'm not a coder and I ask you to excuse me if I ask a stupid question.

How much is it possible, through the css file that can be attached in the export with lumi, to customize the exported scorm with respect to the starting h5p content type?

The css file is integrated into the index.html, right?

How much can it overwrite and modify the style sheets of the starting content type?

Thank you all


Hi Marina, sorry I have only just seen your question when I accessed the forum. 

I'm not a coder either and without some expert help I haven't been able to achieve what I was hoping to do with CSS in Lumi/H5P.

In answer to your question, based on what I was able to achieve, the CSS classes within the CSS file overwrite the default CSS classes with the same name. Its a matter of finding the right CSS class which I did through the browser inspector.  

The CSS file added during export is compiled into the Index.html file (I'm exporting as a SCORM package).

Sorry I can't be of any more help.


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Hey Trevor!

Even though you're not a coder (and probably not a web designer who often know more about CSS than coders do), you're absolutely correct. Thumbs up!


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Otacke you're right: thank Trevor for the precious informations!
My css customization adventure has just begun!