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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing great! as I was visiting my favourite gits for h5p contents today, I came across something that I would really appreciate. It is the pdf to h5p converter. It mentions something about using LUMI to save the file. This would really be great if I could get a working version of this.

The following exert is from the read me on git https://github.com/thivinanandh/pdf_to_h5p_converter 

This code is used to convert the PDF files into a h5p interactive slide for uploading it to learning management sites like moodle

The App is now deployed on Heroku

Heroku has closed its free usage, so the app deployment is currently unavailable

Note: If you have a problem while uploading the h5p file, then just open the file with "LUMI" , save it and then upload the file 




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am not seeing how to open a h5p document in pdf

hi there,

I was looking to do the opposite, import pdfs into h5p. As an educator I have a lot short stories in pdf format that are useful!!

work around is to embed PDFs into Wordpress site and then use shortcodes.