Wordpress installation - lack of clarity

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Hi there,

After reading on this site that i needed a Wordpress site, I opened a free one and quickly realised that there were no plugins allowed.  So I paid for an upgrade for a year assuming that this would allow me to add plugins.  Again no luck and 'I think' that I now need a hosted version of Wordpress order to gain access to the H5P plugin. Is that right?  If it is I think that that the instructions you provide should make this clear.  

Do you have any suggestions about how to quickly get started with my own h5P installation?

Regards Lilian

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I'm very sorry about your bad experience with trying to get H5P installed on WordPress. Did you use WordPress.com? They probably don't have H5P on their list of plugins yet :/ There are probably other WordPress as a service sites that offer the H5P plugin, but I don't know which.

Most users set up their own server with a LAMP stack and installs WordPress there, but this isn't for the average Joe as it requires above average computer skills/interest.

How are you planning to use H5P? You're aware that you may create H5P content here on H5P.org as well and embed it on other web-sites?

Best regards,

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Thanks Svein.  I realise that I can create H5P content on the the H5P.org site but I thought that this was linited in number. I want to be able to create learning content for clients and thought that having my own installation would be better for that purpose. How many interatctions can be created there and is it going to be maintained for at least 5 years?  

Maybe the Wordpress instructions on your website need to include info about the fact that it is not just a simple Wordpress site. It is a bit misleading at the moment.

Thanks again for your response. 


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I can't guarantee that the content will stay available for five years on the same URL, but if it is to be moved you will be notified so that you can download the content. Joubel will set up a site on H5P.com later this year where you can pay to host your H5P content and that site will provide terms and conditions that should be usable in the contexts you mention.

Was it this page you found misleading?