Short Codes Not Parsed In Text Field



I am trying to use a pop up content that is "Text". I wanted to run a short code in there but it doesn't seem to parse the shortcodes and just puts the raw text. Is there a way to do this or another work around that would allow me to do something similar?

example in the text area I have:

[wpdatachart id=14]



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Sorry, no, this currently isn't possible :/

That is so unfortunate. This plugin is awesome but becomes so limited by not being able to parse a short code. It is an awesome group of containers. I woud love to post some of my complex data analytics in these awesome wrappers. Are their any Hacks or work arounds for this?



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There is an action that can add a handler for and then run the do_shortcode() on the text yourself through a custom plugin or theme. However, there may be complications depending on what you insert. See my answer at #4564 for details.