Moodle - increase character limits in an activities

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Not a biggie, but just set up some content in flashcards and dialogue cards and found the text limit a bit short..

Is there a way of increasing this?

I am using the latest beta Moodle plugin on Moodle 2.9

Will look at upgrade to 3.1 over the coming weeks..

Just a big thanks, what I have seen so far is fantastic..

Within the next few months I have to train a team of trainers how to create courses and this is the perfect tool..well done..

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I think it was a quite though design decision. If more people complain about it the designers will have to reconsider though...

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yes, I should have provided a bit more details so we know what I am thinking.. 

This is a set of cards I have setup

cards 1

You can see by the text that I am limited to how much I can put into it as an answer. 

The picture below is the actual text I would love to see and as you can see by the above picture there is plenty of screen space to allow for this to happen

Actual text

Below is another example


Actual text I would like to see but limited by character count

Actual text

So I suppose it all leads to the ability to edit your own character count to suit the development 

so I will put it on my wish list :-)

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Yeah, ok, so the problem is with flashcards. I don't know why it has such limits. I know dialog cards probably needs them, but I don't know why flashcards should need such limits. Will be redesigned in the future.

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as its always going to be a balance from design perspective and compliance for us. 

For myself and others that I am going to teach how to use this tool, we have to find the right set of activity tools to use so that we give an answer that can be audited by a government organisation. So with this in mind, if I am giving an answer that is not technical enough then I have to look at how to add this in as a different activity. And like any learning tool, to be able to mix it up is going to keep the student engaged. 

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The plan is to have pretty much the same design on Flash Cards as on Dialog cards. Thank you for sharing!