H5P via Sharepoint

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is anyone here, having experience in publishing H5P-files on a Sharepoint portal? Would be pretty glad to get some basic Idea on how to afford that.


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I don't, but am interested to hear about that too.


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SharePoint can be a container for Web content just like any webserver or LMS.

You might have to wrap the index page in an ASPX page. You could also add content with the CEWP (Content Editor Web Part) and there are more options. It all depends on your requirements.

If you want to Read/Write data in SharePoint Lists you can use the API, which is a standard ODATA REST API.

There is  major shift coming.

For Office365 Microsoft is moving a large part of SharePoint to the Front-End under the name "SharePoint FrameWork" (expected Q3, Ignite conference is late september). This means all modern SPA technologies can be integrated (more easily) into Office365/SharePoint

I have not done all this myself yet in ONE project, but I am a 25+ years elearning veteran and been in the Microsoft world for the past 10.
If you have H5p content we could work together to get a POC working in a Office365 Tenant,
with the new SPFramework coming it is on my todo list to combine H5P+SP .. but I don't have content at hand.

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Ok, interesting. Could you use the example content from H5P.org? What kind of integration are you looking at. Full integration making the authoring tool and everything available in SP?

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It is on my todo list to investigate all possibilities, I have not tried anything. (and it does not have high prio on my todo list)

Authoring requires a PHP backend (so the ASP.Net backend won't work)
Docs: "Currently, H5P requires Drupal, Wordpress or Moodle to run, and these again require PHP. H5P will also be ported to other languages in the near future. "

Content Types/Examples  should work; Docs: " There is no PHP or SQL code in the H5P content types."

But How to make it work??

First thing to investigate is:  What is the minimal (webserver) environment required.

This is nothing specific to SharePoint.  If you run a local webserver, what minimal files/structure is required?

The github examples are not self-contained; seem to require a Player

And documentation is all focussed on Drupal and WordPress, so a lot of exploring/dissecting required.


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Yes, the first thing you'll need to do is to port the PHP code to the languages you need.