More than one acitivity content in Moodle

I have just installed the H5P plugin in Moodle, but I was a little disappointed. The reason is that I can't add the H5P content in the acitvity/resource "book". Another option could be to have several H5P content on the same page (in the same link) but that is not possible either. I am trying to avoid having many links for the students to click on. Now I have a link for every H5P content I create, which means that the student have to go back and forth between activites and the course page. Or do you know any other way how to solve this?

Otherwise, great work!

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As a long-time Moodle user, I think I can post a reply for this feature request. 

(1) Adding H5P content in a "Book": As far as I know, the book itself is for presenting lesson content (explanations, presentations, etc) and you can only sound or video content without uploading a file only if the plugin is within the Assignment/Submission category. For example, in the snapshot I attached, "Record Audio" on the top-left corner is such a plugin. Therefore, H5P should be adapted to meet this requirement.

(2) One link for all content: If I understand the request right, there should be one link for all H5P content and I do not know how this can be possible for any content at all - let alone H5P. In order to prevent students from "jumping" from one activity to another one, the best solution in Moodle is to use the "Restrict Access" option. First. make sure that "Competion tracking" is on for the course (Course Administration > Course Settings > Completion Tracking > Yes > Save and Display). If, for example, you have Exercise 1, 2 and 3 and you would like the students to complete the activities in this order, go to the second activity (Exercise 2) on your course page and click "Edit settings". Then, Rectrict access > Add restriction > Grade. Choose Exercise 1 for the grade field. You do not need to fill the other fields. Click "Save and return to course". Exercise 2 is now accessible only after the student receives a grade from Exercise 1. Repeat the same procedure for the other exercises as well. 


I've been dropping H5P content into Moodle Lesson.  It is a bit of a workaround, and it requires that you drop an iframe into the lesson pages, but it addresses a lot of the issues with serving this content smoothly to learners.  Unfortunately, the iframe link is not available in the H5P Moodle module, and this method does not collect grade information.  

Thank you for answering!


Yes I agree with you in (1).

In (2): we will have 1-10 H5P activities in each topic (around 10-20 topics). I think the main problem for us is to find a nice way to move forward between H5P activities in Moodle without clicking back to course among these activities. So I don't need a restriction, I need a "sequence rule" within topics. I am sorry that I wasn't clear about our problem. I think I only now figured out how to formulate the real problem myself... :)


I only get a white iframe when I tried to add H5P iframes to Moodle, any suggestions?



In the Atto editor, click the  (more tools icon), then the  (Html icon).  Enter your iframe code here.  Closing the html interface will also render the iframe, and you can then check your success!

So, to review, 

  1. add an activity or resource (Lesson)
  2. complete name and other variables
  3. click save and display
  4. click the edit tab
  5. click the add a content page
  6. give it a title
  7. in page contents, click the  (more tools icon),
  8. click the  (Html icon).
  9.  Enter your iframe code (best to copy and paste it from your source)
  10.  set the "content" settings to your next sequence.

Again, it's not perfect, but I think the lesson could be bastardized into a great H5P interface, OR h5P could be incorporated into the lesson activity.  Kind of a chicken or egg dilema...