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Good afternoon

I'm very impressed with what I see with HP5, and can't wait to start integrating it in with my projects. 

I'm currently developing an e-learning website for a client. The Content Types are exactly what my client is looking for.

One of the requirements though is that we need to take a Score from each item of content (ie percentage correct in quiz, fill in blanks etc...) and pass it to our backend. I couldn't see any hooks for doing this.

Apologies if I'm just missing something obvious, but does anyone have any tips for doing this?



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Thanks for the positive feedback!

I assume you're using Drupal. Have you got views enabled? If so there should be a "score" tab avialable on the H5P nodes where scores will appear when logged in users completes H5Ps. This doesn't work for all H5Ps yet, but I'm quite sure it works for fill in the blanks, multichoice and summary. I also think it works for questionset and Presentation.

Make sure your H5P Drupal module is up to date, and also make sure you have the latest libraries :)

Many thanks for getting back to me. We're planning on using Drupal for the client to be able to create their content, but the content is to be embeddable on the client website. This is due to it already using it's own Membership System/CMS (ASP.NET based).

I was hoping there might be some way, that once a HP5 that results in a score is answered, we could just pull that (using javascript for instance) and pass into our own system...

Do you have any ideas about how we might achieve that?

Thanks a million,


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H5P will have a Tin Can integration up and running by the end of the year. We have a working prototype where xAPI events are generated from H5P on a Drupal site and sent to scormcloud.

H5P triggers events for different user actions and you can create a Drupal module where you listen into the xAPI events and send results to an external server on the client side or on the server side.

Thanks - that's brilliant news. I wonder if it would be possible to send me a rough example (no problem if you can't) just so I can estimate the time I might require in the project plan. Thanks again for getting back to me...

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Of the POC? Sure thing! If you send us an e-mail through the contact form I'll answer you with the xAPI prototype (a Drupal module and a special version of fill in the blanks)

Thanks so much :-)

Was tracking this development as we are also wanting to integrate H5p wherein the scores are sent back to our backend....Any update you would want to share given that well end of year is nearly there now :) !

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We got delayed with the Tin Can integration. I hope it will be ready soon this month!