Advice on LMS selection

Hi There, 

I know this is a hard question to ask, but we're trying to choose between Drupal, Moodle and Wordpress for our LMS system to host H5P content.  Just interested to know if anyone else has experience across these platforms with H5P.

There are plugins for all 3, so we're really looking for the system which will allow:

- A great looking course management system. (we feel the wordpress options tend to offer nicer layout design than moodle)

- Good responsive design


- Detailed results and progress reporting

Has anyone got a general preference, or if you're using Wordpress have you combined with a particular theme, similiarly with Drupal. 

Any insight would be much appreciated.  

Thanks in advance


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I don't have much experence with course management, but Moodle seems nice. Wordpress is obviously very customizable with an enormous community. I have used some good responsive designs in Drupal, where I develop. I can't give much advise, but I would be very interested in what you end up with. Please let us know what you end up with and why you chose it! :)


I agree about WP. It is so flexible and a huge community to help you. But I have never tried drupal or others. If you go with WP, then I recommend LifterLMS.

Thanks Alkanadi, 

Lifter LMS was not on our list. So it would be great to take a look.


Hi Thomas, 

We're reviewing a Drupal LMS theme (if that's what it's called!) at the moment. I think one of the challenges is many developers don't work over multiple platforms - which is the nature of the industry. I'll definately post what we decide upon here. 




I were in the same position and had made research for this.

I chose Learnpress lms plugin. DO NOT make that choice.There are lms's out there that do not support good enough h5p.

I am looking for alternatives now. The lifter lms seems a good choice.

I am asking the community to advice about wp lms that plays well with h5p and can support e-learning futures.

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I see there is a tutorial on using H5P in WPLMS on YouTube, but it seems it is only about embedding H5Ps inside courses. Eg: it doesn't look like score and statistics from the H5Ps are handled.

If there is an LMS that can handle score, or that interacts really well with H5P, then let me know. Do you recommend Drupal or something?

Few of the Wordpress LMS's will capture data from H5P. It can apparently be done using Learndash via a plugin to handle the connection with a separate LRS, but you'll need someone quite knowledgable to set that up. If you have a reasonable number (>15) of simultaneous users on Learndash you might find issues with server load and site speed though - see

Hi Dourvas, 

Thanks for that insight it's very helpful. 


After 18months absence, Moodle is tempting me again, thanks to h5p as a matter of fact. [Wish it displayed as in WP, and not as an icon though.]  Forget Drupal if you don't have a team, or aren't super tech oriented.

WordPress - I've installed LearnDash and LifterLMS on a multisite network. LifterLMS is great on the backend - quite intuitive. Support for non-paying customers is poor. Annoying bugs. No h5p integration. Email engagements. Plugin is free but lots of extra addons could add up.

LearnDash - Inaccessible to most of my colleagues, not intuitive to me. On the other hand, it's a "real" LMS. Great support, forum, etc. Not free, but liveable. I'm actually finding it more difficult than Moodle because you don't see what you are building. Moodle is more visual - you choose topics/weeks, add an activity or resource and display it right away. If you are very WP oriented, you should be fine.

Moodle has it all, especially with h5p integration, is more flexible and reliable, but it hasn't got the LOOKS. I work with very young learners as well, so it should be super user-friendly. At least, it is free, so you can test all you want and save money for a designer before putting it into a LMS. 

My goal is now to produce 3 courses and have my clients compare. I am all ears!

Opigno is suitable for h5p integration. It's free and Drupal-based and works right out of the box. It's one of the better systems available. I got some customization from Opigno to add some advanced features, but we're happy with it overall and recommend this as a decent LMS.