Images, audio, and video

It would cool if you could allow photos, audio, text, and videos in every single place. Many of the options only allow text.

For example, with the multiple choice content type, it would be nice to create a question like "Choose the audio of a dark barking", or "Select the image of a blueberry".

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I agree, more possibilities to use multimedia also in alternatives would be great. If you should prioritize this, which multimedia type would be most important? (image, audio or video) 

To prioritize, I would say that it is best to have audio in the question and images in the answers.

To prioritize, I would say "The Single Answer" type. For example, the question plays an audio that says "Choose the cat", then in the answers there is a picture of a dog, cat, and horse.

I made this short example to show you what I meant.

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Thank you for your thoughts. This would be great functionality. Since this functionality is not part of any plans yet, there are two ways this could happen: Either someone in the community create and share it, or someone has to fund it.

How do I fund it? How much would it cost?

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The company I work for (Joubel) offers H5P-services. Please drop us an email ([email protected]) describing the functionality you want, and we'll take it from there.

I sent an email to [email protected] long time ago, also tried calling, no answer to both.

Happy to pay for the following two customizations

I am creating a language learning website on Wordpress, using H5P to create questions.The functionality I am interested in are :1) In multi-choice question, being able to add images in the choices and play a sound when the user click on any choice.2) In an image hot-spot question, play sound when user click on the hot-spots  Appreciate your reply, Thanks
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I'm sorry about the late reply. We got an e-mail from you on Friday, and it ended up in one of our filters. It has also been a holiday here since Friday, but I answered it now :)

I second this and would offer a modest contribution.

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I was trying to create a fill in the blanks exercise. I've already done this exercise on my university (proto)platform (ATutor).
The original exercise has an audio input but in H5P (Media > Type) I couldn't find this option. The only allowed were [none], image and video.
Maybe it's just a suggestion: in it's always possible to choose between all the canonical inputs (plain text, image, audio, video). Maybe, this generalization could simplify the whole thing.

To be complete, I found a solution (and it's not bad at all).
I just created 2 "objects": the first is an "audio" and the second is the "fill in the blanks" I mentioned. Then, I embedded the 2 iframes in the same page (on ATutor) and everything works fine. Sorry, the platform is not open, but you can see a screenshot here).

Thanks for the huge work you're doing in H5P!


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Here is the create/edit page on LearningApps - that is the example/suggestion I was talking about.

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Thank you for your thoughts :) I agree with you on having the possibility to add all media types to many more contexts. The idea of generalizing it is also good, even though some context-relevant styling/logic probably would be needed.

Would this be a big job? I can do it if I have some guidance / micro managing. Everyday, give me a small task. We can cordinate by email or something like that. I just need someone to tell me step by step what to do.

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Hi, I just updated the relevant tutorial. Maybe you could start by playing around with it, and then trying to apply what you learn from that one to add a new sematntics field to the alternatives group in MultiChoice and see if you're also able to initialize it and view it?

Do you guys think there is a need to support multiple multimedia per alternative or is one enough? I would think one is enough for most use-cases.

I think that when creating content, every single input should allow text, audio, and video. Many of the content types only allow text.

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Yes, perhaps. We do not want to allow multimedia inserted with the rich text editor by default since that will mix layout and content too much making it hard to facilitate responsive design and more but will think more about how this could be done.

Maybe it shouldn't be mixed. However, each media type can have its own div.