Pre-release download

Would like a place on the website to download a version of a content type taken from the current git codebase.


A bug-fix we're interested in was recently accepted (

We would like to use the official version of the library on our live site. I can not find a place where I can download the most current release.

I can think of 3 options:

  • Put together a .h5p package of the latest git version by hand and upload
  • Clone the repo and directly drop the files into the file system
  • Put the live site into developer mode and run from a clone of the repo


Document a method for building a .h5p file from the git repository. It's easy enough to build a .h5p file. My concern is a hand-crafted h5p.json file might inject a problem and mess up deploying future distribution uploads.

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You can download the latest official release of our libraries from the bottom of the update pages.

The bug-fix in question has not been officially released yet. It is on the master branch of the repository, which means it is pending the official release. All libraries goes through a rigorous testing process before being officially released. At that point you will find it on the page previously mentioned.

If you still want to use the version from the master branch, knowing that it is not the final official version of the library and may be subejct to change and contain bugs, the easiest approach is to:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Use the H5P cli tool directly to pack it ("pack" command)
  3. Upload the cli created package to your site.


Thanks for the information, Thomas!

And I misunderstood the workflow, thanks for clarifying that.

In spite of my confusion about what production is :) it would be nice to have a method for downloading dev versions of libaries. We have some non-technical people who can not build dev libraries but can upload dev versions of H5P libraries for testing. Certainly not a high priority, though.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I believe this could be nice as well, but I don't think it is highly prioritized on the todo list. If you join the H5P beta-group you will be able to test out new libraries from time to time in a friendly format.

Currently I think the most non-developer friendly way to get dev libraries is using the H5P CLI. With it you can use H5P get <library> and H5P pack <library> to get a h5p package that you can upload to your server.