"Finish" button in Question Set questions

In a Question Set, the "Finish" button appears beside the "Prev" button when two conditions are met:
1) all questions are answered
2) the currently visible question is the last one

At the same time, a Question Set enables the user to answer questions in any order (and that's ok). So, many users answer the last question in the middle and end up the quiz e.g. on question 7. But the "Finish" button does not appear to them, although they see by the color of progress dots that all questions are already answered. It's not intuitive that it's necessary to click on the last question in order to finish the quiz.

This introduces confusion and users complain that they can't see the solution.

I think that for consistency, the Question Set should either enforce answering the questions from first to last, or show the "Finish" button for any question the user is currently viewing (as soon as all questions are answered). Of course, the second solution gives much more freedom for the whole interaction.

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Hello !

I could not have clearly articulated this : so I thank you for doing it ! I second your request. My students were very confused first : no "finish" button even if all the dots are blue ?! I explained them that they have to reach the last question to get the button, but they keep forgetting this.

It would indeed be great if the button could show up on any question the user is currently viewing.


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I think I by mistake answered this questions with a test account and then deleted the account along with my answer so I answer again :)

I totally agree. I think Question Set should have multiple answering modes with the two mentioned being among the options and the current behavior not among the options.

Thanks for your answer !
Any chance that this new answering modes are in the dev's pipelines ? ;)

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There are no ETA for this yet :/