Memory Game - Send results and information by mail?

Hi There!

Would like to offer Memoy Game on our Website for a competitio and need a possibility to save and send the results.
So is there a possibility to fill fields with e-Mail and name and send these information with the results to the admin?
Thanks for your help!Maria

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This should be possible, but there's no easy way of doing it. I think you might need help from a developer. 

If the user is logged in the result should automatically be stored, but in order to display a form at the end would require some work. 

Thanks for your quick reply! Do you offer the service to develop this kind of e-mail-result?


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Yes, we do, if you reach out to the company where I work: Joubel – with a detailed description of the job, we will get you a quote.

I too is interested in this feature for any question set that is answered. Let me know if you go ahead with the quote. Perhaps we can get a few people involved and split the cost of the developer?

If you allow for results to show and sent automatically via email, then I see massive market for this software.  We have simplt interactive tests for students - and we need the results to be sent to their teachers.  It can be simple as: Print PDF with the results. That it all. The students can then atatch the PDF to their tutor.

It would be a fantastic feature. Although if you're looking for a solution in the meantime you can install an LRS. The LRS captures the users answers and you can filter the LRS records to show all user specific responses.

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Thank you for your contribution, I would appreciate and could orientate a little more respite to the LRS tool, I would like to obtain the time that the student spent


You could expand something more about the tool you mentioned, and thanks for the contribution


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Thank you for the feedback.

If you're using the H5P plugin on your own WordPress, Drupal or Moodle site you could achieve this by adding a small piece of extra software. We will consider it for H5P as well. Thanks again.

What is LRS?  Is it the same as SCORM?

An LRS is a 'Learning Record Store'. Similar to SCORM, except its xAPI/Tin-Can which is the more recent standard I believe. The LRS is where the xAPI statements are sent to and recorded. I use Grassblade LRS, cheaper than a 'Pay As You Go' style subscription that a lot of the Cloud based LRS providers charge.

Thanks!  I will check 'Grassblade LRS' up.   Is this their website?


'Grassblade LRS' charges for their service. My employer will not fund it, specially as we already using Articulate Storyline successfully. I would like to use H5P, but need a free solution to track users' input and be able to copy it and paste into email or word doc.

Yes that's right, all LRS providers charge. You will find some providers that offer a few hundred statement submissions for free, but you'll find you need hundreds and thousands more, depending on what activities you're tracking (thats when it gets expensive).

Grassblade LRS are relatively inexpensive (USD200) in comparision to the high hundreds if not thousands you can pay for a subscription based LRS.

I know Articulate is expensive and you may not have factored in the cost of an LRS but I'm sure if you put together a cost comparison/proposal together your employer would be likely to concede and give you approval for the LRS cost with Grassblade.

I'm not aware of any eLearning authoring tool that can send LRS data or course outcomes/results to an email they usually use xAPI/Tin-Can/SCORM. If the eLearning materials are ran on an internal server then I believe you can send results to a specific server internally at least Adobe Captivate gives me that option, I presume Articulate does something similar. I have no clue how to do that though, maybe speak with your IT support for a solution.

Hi falcon, 

The new release is amazing with matching two images.. thanks a million and congratulations on the new release..

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Glad you like it. icc added the two images matching and some other Memory Game improvements :)

I wanted to ask you if it is possible to send email notification of result when a student finish a course in wordpress?
Thanks in advance