main library in h5p.json

How add multiple main library's in h5p.json file.

For ex: 

{"title":"Multiple Choice","language":"und","mainLibrary":{["H5P.MultiChoice","H5P.InteractiveVideo"]},"embedTypes":["div","p"],

Now If load my app the view shows empty. How do I add two plugins in one app by using the above syntax.

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Hi, could you please specify what you are trying to do? Are you attempting to combine two H5P content types together?

Yes. I want to combine two contetn types. for ex: "mainLibrary":{["H5P.MultiChoice","H5P.InteractiveVideo"]},"embedTypes":["div","p"].

Here H5P.MultiChoice is one plugin/contenttype and H5P.InteractiveVideo is another. So how do I achieve the same by using single h5p.sjon file. So that I can have the Multiple choice option as well as video interactive in the same page.


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Could I ask what platform you are using? 
If you are trying to make a visual layout of multiple content types, a new column layout will be released this week that will let you group content types together.

What end goal did you have in mind?

I am running the application using NodeJs - Gulp

Attached the file structure of my project. I have the plugins under workspace


My End goal is to have multiple content types. For ex: I want Video Inteactive, Multiple choice, Chart...

In a single page

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Great. I think H5P column will be able to do what you need. It will be released soon. Check back on our blog later this week to check it out:

The H5P libaries are not meant to be combined in that fashion and I think if you are looking to have content types within other content types it would be a good idea to check out how question set handles that logic: