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Hi there!

H5P is an awesome tool, great work! I have tested it in Moodle little bit, and I have couple of questions regarding to Interactive video activity.

  1. When adding a videofile (e.g. mp4) into H5P, to where videofile is actually stored - in Moodle or some other server? Is it streaming video or not?

  2. If there is no videostreaming available at the moment, is it possible to use external streaming video service as file repository in Moodle when adding videofile into H5P Interactive video?

  3. When using Activity Completion criteria in Moodle, the current available options for H5P are “Student can manually mark” and “Student must receive a grade”. When using “Receive a grade” it is possible to set up Passing grade in Moodle Gradebook. This is great :-)

    In addition to these two activity completion options, I think following option would be great: “Student has watched the video to the end”. I am not a programmer, but I think that kind of data (video ending timestamp?) can be generated via xAPI. Is it possible to convey that data from H5P into Moodle, and do you have any plans to develop that kind of feature?

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1. When adding a video file it is uploaded to your server and fetched directly from your server on playback.

2. Yes, this is possible, just paste the URL to your video file inside the "Enter video source URL or YouTube link" field when uploading videos.

3. The completed xAPI statement already exists for most content types (including Interactive Video), however it is left up to the server administrator to have an LRS for handling these events. I'm not particularly familiar with the completion options of Moodle, but this certainly sounds possible. I don't think this is in the plans, but it sounds very useful. Perhaps if you created a thorough issue specification on github of how this generally works and add some screenshots a developer would take the job.

Best regards,

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Hi Thomas,

and thanks for your quick reply!

The activity completion options in Moodle are described in Moodle Docs, see this page.
There is some screenshots on that page as well.

As I wrote earlier, the only possible options for H5P activity in Moodle are at the moment

  • "Students can manually mark the activity as completed - students press the check (tick) to change it. (Note: they can do this even without doing the activity!)"
  • "Show activity as complete when conditions are met - the selected completion criteria must be met before the check (tick) will change style"; when this option is chosen, the only condition available in H5P activity is "Require grade - when this option is turned on, students have to get a grade on the activity in order to complete it". You must then set the Passing grade for H5P activity in Moodle Gradebook.

The idea here would be: "Show activity as complete when conditions are met" + a new criteria "Student has watched the video to the end"

I think even if criteria...

"Require view"- When this option is turned on, students have to view the activity in order to complete it. In most cases, clicking the link is enough to 'view' the activity."

...would be a great improvement, but timestamp-generated criteria would be awesome!

Hopes this clarifies the idea. I'm not familiar to github, but I can create an issue if needed.

Best regards


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Thanks for elaborating. This certainly seems like an interesting feature.

My only concern is the wide array of H5Ps that exists and will be created. Having such specific conditions as "users has watched the video to the end" might be too specific to be maintainable when the amount of different H5Ps grows.However I'm sure this can be generalized in some way to meet a xAPI statement or otherwise solved in a sustainable way.

I hope someone picks up this feature request and submits a pull request, it sounds very promising :)

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Hi again,

I just added this as a new issue into Github, see here.



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Excellent, hopefully that will spark some interest for discussion and someone with developer resources will pick it up.