Moodle Integration

It says this can be uploaded to Moodle ... but how? Please provide some documentation on this.

Where does it say that it may be uploaded to Moodle`? under H5p features. Any idea when it will be available with Moodle?

I've removed Moodle from that page now. I will not promise you any dates for when the Moodle integration will be finished. We created a prototype integration for a customer, for a prototype project. Hopefully they'll order a full integration soon.

Just thought I would throw in my support for a Moodle plug-in. A gentleman on the Moodle forum offered a test version of a plug-in.
I was able to load an H5P file but it did not render correctly. Perhaps you are already in communication with this person. If you need a Beta-tester, I would love to help out. I would love to have H5P content in a production site this fall!

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You can add me to that list I am also keen to see a working Moodle plugin. This looks to be a great project - great work everyone!

Would love to see this incorporated into Moodle, so listening in for any news.

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Great! Hope to see a link from you here soon :)

I just made a test running Drupal and Moodle on the same server.

It apeared that it was no problem at all to embed the H5P modules into Moodle lessons.

There were no need for andy reconfiguration of Moodle.

Print screen here


First of all congratulations to the team of H5P and thanks to alokr for his Moodle integration solution.

However, I hope that soon an official plugin for integration with Moodle will be available.

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Moodle plugins coming soon!

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We've been recommended to add LTI support for before doing a Moodle plugin since Moodle sites often isn't updated frequently and H5P is moving forward quite quickly. A Moodle site that hasn't been updated the last 3 months probably wouldn't be able to use the latest H5P libraries.

The idea is that Moodle users could then use to create their content and embed it in Moodle using the "External Tool". Grades would then be recorded in the users grade book.

So the main advantage would be that Moodle users would always have access to the latest stable versions of the H5P content types without having to worry about updates. The biggest draw backs would be having to log in to two different sites, and less customization options. To begin with it wouldn't be possible to change the styling for instance.

Any thoughts here?

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I noticed that the H5P developper team seemed to be based in Norway.
If French language is a problem for H5P developpers, it is possible to paln discussion in english.

But please, come and meet the Moodle community ;-*


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There is a big discussion in the french Moodle community about the H5P-Moodle integration :

It would be great fot  the Moodle community to discuss directly with an H5P developper.
Would it be possible for you (or someone in the H5P team) to participate the next French MoodleMOOT Meeting in France ?
It is planned on 3-5 july :

It would be possible to organize a discussion about H5P-Moodle integration potentials and weakness ...

With great thanks for this powerful interactivity library,