Moodle plugins

Update: The two plugins mentioned below never got shared and never got finished. The H5P core team is now working on an official Moodle plugin. More information about the official Moodle plugin.

The H5P community is flourishing. Community members share improvement suggestions every day and we're receiving GitHub pull requests regularly.

The last weeks we've also been presented with not only one but two Moodle plugins in the works. Both are fully functional and only lacks a few features and some testing before they are to be published on This is great news for both H5P and Moodle. H5P will get its first pure LMS plugin and Moodle users get to create new and powerful content types.

The H5P team has of course offered to help the two teams. We're also looking at ways to make sure that members of the H5P community knows about each others efforts to reduce duplicate efforts.

Ballistic Learning, a seasoned Moodle Partner, were the first team to contact us and demonstrated a great Moodle plugin where everything seemed to be working. They are now upgrading their H5P plugin to support the most recent H5P content types and are also adding a few more features prior to their first release. Ballistic Learning has committed to pushing the H5P adoption and they intend to support it in the long run.

Freelancer Nagy Levente Imre from A2 Automatisering soon after called us and demonstrated a second Moodle plugin. It also seemed to work flawlessly and only lacked a few details and some testing.

We're really looking forward to seeing H5P in action in Moodle.