interactive video: summary for working mobile devices/OS

Hi there,

first: thanks a lot for this great tool.

second: Is there a summary, on which mobile devices/OS interactive video is running with/without issues?
In my case, I created a interactive test video and asked my friends to test it on their iPhones (luckily I have no iPhone).
On some iPhones/Androids, the video worked with clickable image-buttons and on some iPhones it worked not.
On some iPhones (and also Androids) there were just pink circles with a "+" instead of the button image.

But with all these tests, I got no real summary. My tests came to the conclusion, that it doesn´t depend on the iPhone modell/OS because on some 5S(iOS 10) it worked, one some not.

thanks in advance


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Hi Francois,

thank you for taking the time to debug and report this problem. 

Would you be able to send me a link to the Interactive Video you created, I could test it on an iphone 5s I have here. 

If you have the time, could you also try and see if you're experiencing any problems with the Interactive Video on the examples page?

Best regards,


If there are any copyright issues, I will delete the video.
Here are my results:

1) iPhone 5S with iOS 10.1.1: everything is correct
2) iPhone SE with iOS 10.1.1: video is running, but instead of the both pictures, there are only circles with +
3) iPhone 5S with iOS 10.1.1: video is running, but no circles/pictures and no stop of the video at 0:08
4) Desktop: everything is fine
5) Huawei P8 Lite with Android6: landscape mode: everything is fine. portrait mode: only circles instead of pictures

I guess, that the "circles instead of pictures issue" depends on the screen resolution and/or the size of these pictures.

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Thanks for taking the time to collect some data on the bug. I've made a bug report:

and the Core Team is going to try and fix it as soon as possible. 


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Thanks for reporting this, the main issue that "circles appear instead of pictures" is a responsive design decision. When the Interactive Video becomes sufficiently small (like on mobile devices) all interactions that are displayed as "posters" will be displayed as "buttons" instead, so they can open up into dialogs, which are bigger and the interactions/images can be viewed in closer detail. I see that this is not very convenient with the use-case in the video that you have linked to.

I'll try to give explanations to your different results:
1, 4) ok
2,5) Affected by the responsive design as explained previously
3) This is a bit unclear

I suspect 3) is a bit circumstancal, I was able to reproduce this during a heavy work-load on the server, when the images had a bit of trouble being fetched by the server, so I suspect this is what happened. Are you able to reproduce this every time, or only at some times when the server is slow ? If you are always able to reproduce this, could you give some more detailed steps on how to reproduce this ?

Do you have any suggestions on how we could handle both this use-case of always showing an image (integrated into the video), and also be able to show images in greater detail on small devices (complementary to the video, rather than tightly integrated). Should it be a checkable option for always showing the image as a poster ?

Thanks again for reporting this,

Thank for the explanation. Unfortunatelly, I have no iPhone to test it. I asked my friend to test it. He tested it three times on two different days and it didn´t work.
I agree to your last suggestion, that it should be a checkable option to always show a poster with low resolution instead of a button.
In a lot of cases, the poster image "explains itself" for the navigation through the video an a button would destroy the "feeling" of the interactive video.


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I see. Could you create a feature request for this in the feature request forum ?
Creating a feature request will give more exposure of this issue to developers, increasing the likelihood that this feature gets implemented!