More text options (math?!) in video questions

I'd like to use some mathematical symbols or formulas in the pop-up questions during interactive videos. The editor does not allow any such thing however, not even super- or subscripts. More advanced functionality for text in Interactive video might be desirable for many?

Thanks- Petra

math options for the text editor
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I think this would be a great addition. Let's see if someone from the community picks it up!

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Hi Petra,

This has been asked for earlier too. I think a Content Type with more math symbols (using MathML), is needed.

- Tom

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I second this wish and would also like to see a mathematical editor (Wiris or equivalent) beeing added to the WYSIWYG editor.
This would be a great attribute to educational use of H5P (I know that this has been done by others).

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Yea, I totally agree.

 - Tom

I also agree. It would be great to have the ability to include formulas (and HTML tags?) in the text fields.

For mathematical notation the premium solution would be the use of LaTeX.

Best, Joerg

Longing for such a feature. As a math teacher it is a prime feature request for me.

A formula editor like the one in Office Mix would be a good example.

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Nice this is a good idea.



Is there any update to this thread? Is it possible to add Math Equations (even if in LaTex) to questions inside interactive video? I have enabled all the filters and LaTex equation like $$ \sqrt{x + y} $$ is getting rendered in description, pages etc. But the question editor in interactive video does not render it.



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Hi Priyanka,

Have you checked the this documentation?


Hi @BV52,

I figured it out. I was not able to find earlier where to upload the library, but it worked as expected after I uploaded it. For those who land here looking for this solution in Moodle, it is in Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> H5P -> H5P libraries.