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We have a lot of users that go thru a course presentation but don't go right to the end and hit the summary slide. They are in a limbo state that shows them as not having completed the course presentation, but actually they have, sort of. They've answered all the questions, watched all the videos, accessed all the slides, but not the summary slide. As we all know, it's on the summary slide where h5p fires the completion event and spits out the final score, etc via xAPI.

To all you PHP experts (or JavaScript?) we need a script that goes thru and simulates all the users accessing the summary slide to "force" them into completing all the course presentations they've failed to complete.

The pseudo code would look something like this:


$sql = "SELECT user, course_presentation_id FROM table WHERE slide_progress >= 100 AND the user has not completed";

foreach (result as value)
    do some fancy magic to push the user into the summary slide and fire the completion.

Looking forward to the fancy magic!  :-)


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I think a better solution for Course Presentation would be to complete the presentation when the last iteraction is completed.

Adding a Jira task, so we can fix this. This is also a problem for Interactive Video.

- Tom

Hi Tom,

Yes, that's a great idea. Complete the presentation when the last interaction is completed. This makes a lot of sense. Until then, can you help with the pile of users we have in limbo who have actually completed the presentation but have not opened the summary slide? We can't ask them to do this nor can we go in and manually do this. Is there a way to do this via SQL or something? That is, grab their scores and set them to completed.

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You can follow the progress on the task here

- Tom